Umberto Fumagalli - Tecnomont Service General Contractor


Those four large 80s red-brick towers that you see from the ring road as you’re leaving Milan heading towards Genoa: I was born and raised there, I attended schools in via Barona, an adolescence playing basketball in the neighborhood team, and then high school, in the Lorenteggio area.

After high school, I’m unsure whether to do architecture or engineering. I take the engineering admission test, pass it, and so I enroll in Construction Engineering.
After three years my specialization course, again at the Politecnico in Milan

The historical rivalry between the architect and the engineer has always involved the same cliché.
The engineer looks at the design and says: this building cannot stand.
The architect replies: no, it is you who are unable to make it stand.

In the meantime, building envelope technology has taken over.

And both engineers and architects have understood that to learn the secrets of this new skill they must put themselves in the hands of the technician craftsmen who developed it: the window and door makers.


Tecnomont gave me this opportunity, welcoming me with great enthusiasm, from my first internship, through my thesis, to confirmation after graduation.


I came here to get work experience, I found great confidence, important projects, and the chance to create a new department, an engineering team to support the technical office.


Paolo told me: “Make sure that everything you’re doing by yourself now can be done by new guys who you will coordinate next year “.

How could I not accept?