Tecnomont Solutions - Tecnomont Service - General Contractor

Tecnomont Solutions is a service company specializing in the design of architectural components for building envelopes, and windows and doors.

Based in Genoa, the company was established in 2019 to build on the technical and project management skills of Tecnomont Service, with which it operates in total synergy.


  • Architecture and envelope design
  • Feasibility studies
  • Analyzes aimed at the energy requalification of facades, paying the utmost attention to cost/benefit analysis.
  • Designing new customized systems (matrices, accessories, seals) in relation to buildings’ architectural and functional needs.
  • Project management: planning, monitoring and control of resources, means and materials, with constant attention to costs.
  • Supply and installation of curtain walls, doors and windows, and metalwork in general.
  • Acoustic, thermal, and static on-site testing, analysis, and reports
  • Calculating and checking the thermal and acoustic insulation of single or double skin facades, including checking the convection flows of natural or forced air, and condensation points.
  • We use the latest modeling software in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional environments (BIM: Building Information Modeling).
Tecnomont Solutions - Tecnomont Service - General Contractor


Viale Brigata Bisagno, 2
16133 – Genova
E-MAIL: office@tecnomontsolutions.com