Great cathedrals, arches and domes are based on a theological insight: that solidity stems from solidarity and mutually opposing forces.

No-one builds a cathedral on their own.
We’re a winning team because we’re professionals who know how to work together. That takes talent and willingness to make sacrifices on the part of everyone involved, starting from the leader, who must first and foremost be a builder of men.


Over the years, Tecnomont Service has integrated and optimized procedures for managing and overseeing every aspect and phase of construction site projects.

Our Project Managers have specific, direct knowledge of the problems that can arise on site and the resources to handle any situation, ranging from the expertise and responsibilities of individual specialists to the synergistic efficiency of work teams, collaborators and suppliers.

Tecnomont Service’s competitiveness and reliability in renovating and upgrading commercial, residential, industrial, and service sector buildings as well as tourist, sporting and public facilities stems from our experience and an integrated relationship between technical office, machine shop and construction site.

We plan, design, manage and oversee all operations; optimize execution costs and times; manage paperwork, documentation, personnel, materials, equipment and vehicles to deadlines; and handle relations with suppliers, partners, and public and private customers.