I didn’t mind studying surveying, but in the third year, due to a series of circumstances, instead of going to school I ended up elsewhere, especially when the weather was good, and as a result I flunked out.

Maybe it’s better to do something else, I said to myself, and I went to work in a window and door company in Chignolo, where I already worked in the summer. In front of this company was a competing company, but instead of making war they were like neighbors who lent each other tools and materials as needed.

I had long hair, I didn’t want to have to cut it to join up.
I apply to be a conscientious objector, they send me to Bonate to be a librarian and summer camp entertainer. I feel very comfortable, and one day I choose freely to shave it all off.

Back from civil service, I go back to work and find everything closed.
Where is everyone? They went to work across the street, foreman and three employees, the full package.

Stefano Personeni - Tecnomont Service General Contractor

So I cross the street, enter, and ask for an interview with the owner.
We were at the end of 2000. It wasn’t the first time I had set foot in Tecnomont. But now I wasn’t asking for a gasket. I was asking for a job.

The first thing Paolo said to me, staring into my eyes, was: look, here when there’s work to be done you work and when there’s something to celebrate, there’s a party.
The second was: here we work 10-11 hours a day, including Saturdays.
The third: if it suits you, you can start tomorrow

Less than 10 years later I was night foreman, we were working 24 hours on the assembly of 22,000 square meters of facades for the headquarters of a multinational company, when they call me. I run to the hospital, my daughter is being born, I become a father, after a few hours I’m back on site.

When Tecnomont had to face the storm soon afterwards, with the responsibility of a family, I had to work, crisis or no crisis, so I had the word “mercenary” put on my tool belt and I went to work on my own, and also traveled abroad to the USA.

But I always had a great relationship with Paolo, exchanging Facebook likes, and also a few evenings, faithful to the promise “when there’s a party,” even drinks at Tecnomont. I was always part of the family.

In 2014 our second child was born, the boy.
We reach 2018, the return: as if I had never left.
The “let’s solve the problem” mentality is in this team’s DNA.
There are big projects that suffer from big problems, poorly-executed work, incorrect design, leaks, various reasons: in the end they call us, and we succeed where everyone else has given up.

When there is work to be done, you work. Using stocks of old profiles, this year we’ve created award-winning tables and chairs.
Masterpieces not intended for the market, but for our new summer: and when you leave the workshop on Friday evening, it’s not bad to find yourself with a beer in your hand and a plate of freshly grilled ribs. Because when there’s a party, there’s a party.