Sandro Maffei - CONSTRUCTION ENGINEER, SPECIALIZING IN ACOUSTICS - Tecnomont Service General Contractor


I lived in Primaluna, in Valsassina. I was twelve.
My father didn’t understand why I sometimes didn’t answer him.
My mother found out about my problem by accident, passing me the phone.

They took me to see a specialist. The doctor explained.
Typical consequence of the mumps I’d had as a child.
A definitive injury, irrecoverable hearing.
I was completely deaf in one ear.

That day my interest in sound was born.
Fifteen years later, in 1999, I was among the first in Italy
to graduate in construction engineering with a specialization in acoustics.

I deal with sound control, both active and passive:
active in relation to diffusion and amplification systems, passive when the goal of the intervention is soundproofing.

I have worked on large projects and tested major works, airports, banks, companies, public spaces, management offices.

Today, the quality of the acoustic performance, depending on the type, can promote or downgrade a building, leading to significant fluctuations in its real estate value of up to 35%.

I met Paolo Locatelli in curious circumstances, at a table where we were representing opposing interests.
We met looking for the same thing, and with the same logic:
the truth of the problem, to shed light on possible solutions and put them into action.

In many cases, the origin of acoustic problems is in the design itself.
Sometimes, however, the problem, like the devil, is hidden in the detail, in a corner, in a pipe, in the echo of a duct. Sound is liquid and pervasive, and soundproofing is like waterproofing against sound.

My history and my profession are made up of attention and perception.
When you have only one ear, you don’t recognize where the sound comes from.
But not even total deafness prevents you from composing the ninth.

Having overcome a difficult path, you reconsider your sense of limits and you realize that our weaknesses are our strengths.