Omar Rigamonti - Tecnomont Service General Contractor


I’m a methodical but quite bearable pain in the neck. The first 30 years of life was with my parents and the last 10 with my partner, you could ask them for details, or maybe even my 3 dogs, a great Bernese mountain dog, a medium-size crossbreed, and one small one.
Then you could also speak to my mother-in-law, and her 7 dogs.

A very normal education as the school names show, elementary in S. Alessandro in Colonna, middle school at Amedeo di Savoia, surveying at the legendary Quarenghi, university in Dalmine, management engineering.

In the evening, at night, at the weekend, to pay for my studies I’ve always worked at the airport for DHL, where I was able to get a concrete idea of the logistics problems that I learned about in the classroom and in books during the day.

And at the airport I was able to cultivate my first great passion, ignited in me as a child and still dominant today: photographing aircraft, first civilians, then military.

My first camera was a Canon EOS 5, stakeouts at the end of the runway, on a ladder, 10 × 15 prints, slides, then the digital revolution.
Today I chair the “Orio spotter” association, supported by Sacbo.

I graduated with a thesis on tracking shipments, focusing on compliance activities and management control, and in 2005 I joined a small company in the trichological cosmetics sector, in charge of logistics.

In the meantime, I started attending a kennel with my partner and volunteering for an animal association called “animalibera”.

In the long run I immersed myself, and I felt the need to change, for new air, new perspectives.

In Tecnomont my role is transversal, fluid, the goal is to optimize the operational flow between departments, people, procedures, tasks, and the management system and to improve performance by reducing friction and transmission inertia.
If the company were a car, my role would be the engine oil.

But if I have to choose a photo as an icon, it would be that of a military tanker aircraft, which I took from the window of its sister aircraft in synchronized flight.
The idea, the difficulty, the technique of refueling in flight is a masterpiece of logistics, it is that must-have efficiency that you can only get through a mix of super rationality and pure madness.