I started working with Paolo before I was even born, when he climbed onto the scaffolding to tell my father to run home because I was about to be born.

My first years were in the machine shop and then I worked as an external installer on construction sites, traveling where I was needed. I’ve been working in the warehouse since 2015. I take care of logistics and check everything that moves: vehicles, shipments, incoming and outgoing materials.

I start working at 6 in the morning, and in no time at all it’s already 8 in the evening, so I start thinking about going home. But I can’t because there’s an emergency or an unexpected shipment. So I start again, because a construction site is a hungry beast that never sleeps, and I’m the one who has to feed it.

One day I replied to one of Paolo’s requests by sending an email with the word “impossible” written three times in capitals.
In three seconds, he was in front of me with two flamethrowers for eyes.
As long as I’m here, he told me, the word IMPOSSIBLE doesn’t exist.
He picked up the phone and moved heaven and earth. I was speechless because he proved to me that the impossible can be done.

Mario Besana - Warehouse, logistics manager - Tecnomont Service General Contractor