Luca Comelli - Ingegnere e Project Manager - Tecnomont Service General Contractor


Minimotos, motorbikes and huge projects, instinct and algorithms, looking for the kerb on a double bend at full speed, or the form/function of a continuous façade while drinking a coffee: the hours have always flown by, body and soul, in the office as on the track.

I was born in the seventies and cut my teeth in a Fantic Caballero competition, breathing Castrol and breaking my ribs on the handlebar crossbar after a jump.

We’ve always lived in Trezzano Rosa, my father worked at Falck in Sesto, he went there by bike,.I attended night school for surveyors, classes ended at midnight, I took the last subway to Gessate then hitchhiked or walked 5 kilometers.

First real job in an industrial joinery, office furniture sector, design, planning and production, but at the beginning the humblest tasks: sweeping shavings, emptying bags, and at the end of the day even cleaning the restrooms.

The first machining centers, CNC cutters, g-metric commands, but in the meantime I peeked at the drawings, the designs, my vocation. It was the early nineties: the era of the drafting machine – a tool I’d always used backwards, with the rods mounted in reverse, being left-handed – was about to end.

I was the youngest, I was curious, ready to learn, and when the first software such as data-cad (which was the forerunner of auto-cad) arrived I was the only one in the company who knew how to use it. I especially remember the Mirai graphics tablets .

My passion for design comes directly from childhood, afternoons playing alone with Meccano, with legos, those of the past, a trunk full of bricks, I built buildings, bridges, castles, towers, apartment blocks.

In 1998, after 8 years spent in carpentry designing furniture, I meet someone, an entrepreneur who opens up a new world to me: architecture, the building envelope, the curtain wall, another design scale. It appeals to me, I decide, and I change my job.

I spend nights arguing with the first versions of auto-cad; self-taught, courses would come only years later, it was really a massive mess, sometimes I didn’t understand anything, I was tempted to give up, but giving in was not part of my character or my code, having always had to prove I was up to the task.

Skyscrapers, viaducts, huge architecture on the other side of the world; complex, multiple challenges: the laws of physics, of the market, mechanical, engineering, management knowledge, materials, glass, steel, aluminum, technologies, acoustics, thermal, statics, logistics, costs, times, people, suppliers, customers.

The result always depends on mastery of the task, like mastery of the vehicle when you’re on the track: car or motorcycle, super sports car or minimoto, my all-time passions.

Starting as a self-taught designer in a company of craftsmen, I found myself a  project manager after almost 20 years.

Major works in the United States, Israel, France; prestigious vertical construction, high-performance building envelopes capable of withstanding winds, earthquakes, capturing the light and the eye.

Pursuing global technological excellence, after having traveled the world and worked for several companies always looking for a team capable of being faster, at Tecnomont I find it two kilometers as the crow flies from my home.

I thought I could run, but I had not yet met Tecnomont Service.

Now I train every day to be able to keep up with them!