Plati - Tecnomont Service General Contractor


I started working at Tecnomont in 2009, in the Carvico office. I was 19, there were 3 of us. After 6 months something unexpected: the company has to close, and when we start in the Milan office, I’m there.

Even in times of pressure, Paolo has always conveyed serenity and trust to me, entrusting me with important tasks and works in Italy and Europe: curtain walls, commercial centers, large hotels, prestigious architecture: in Sicily, in Rome, in Munich, Düsseldorf, Paris .

In the company I oversee every part of the project: from the economic proposal and design to the customer relationship.

Once the order has been acquired, I monitor the technicians during inspections and surveys. During the works, I direct and monitor the work until the last screw is put in place prior to inauguration.

Having graduated as a surveyor, I arrived at Tecnomont and discovered a new world I’d never experienced or imagined before: the universe of curtain walls and building envelopes.

One of the things I like most about Tecnomont is the challenge that each new job poses, and Paolo has always been good at finding challenging and stimulating jobs.

Nowadays, we carry out increasingly important projects for large companies and the whole company, starting with the technical office, is increasingly organized.

It’s a stressful, mentally draining job, but the experience I have gained gives me the awareness that crises, if addressed in the right way, become a reason for both individual and team growth.

If you ask me to mention a work, I think of the flagship store created in Germany for a high-end brand in the luxury fashion sector, a façade without vertical uprights, its concrete coverings made on site, and an unprecedented solution inside, with polycarbonate structures that turn into highly effective rays of light.

A work of engineering, sensitivity, and great technical rigor to transform an aesthetic suggestion, a vision into reality: not an easy challenge, and unusually satisfying.