Giacomo Gherardi - Tecnomont Service General Contractor


I come from Zogno, Valle Brembana, I grew up playing football and wandering around construction sites with my father, took my first steps toward falling in love with the construction world thanks to his company, with the ambition to work with him in the future.

My father’s family comes from Trafficanti, a small village hidden in the woods, on the route of the ancient Via Mercatorum, which still has that wild, mysterious, medieval feel.

My mother, on the other hand, is from San Pellegrino, another world, an international spa resort that’s been neroazzuro since the time of the great Inter Milan, who used to come here on retreat.

A carefree life, I did well at school, from when I was tiny the reward for my school results was Sunday at the San Siro, watching Inter Milan all together.

I was in the first years of the Institute for surveyors in Bergamo when my life was turned upside down, forcing me to look skyward.

Even from up there, my father would continue to be my guide.

I had to rethink my future. With the support of my mother, after graduation came the difficult decision to continue studying and enroll in Construction Engineering at the Politecnico in Milan.

Commuter rhythms, never a free moment, the early days and the first exams weren’t easy, a higher gear was needed, more sacrifices, more commitment.
My only distraction, football: a goalkeeper by chance, it had become my role, leading me to wear different teams’ shirt, even making my debut in the Excellence championship.

I was in my fourth year and I had not yet chosen the field in which to graduate when my coach, a former goalkeeper, knowing that I was studying at the Politecnico, advised me to attend the classes given by Prof. Rigone, Professor of Design of the Building Envelope, which I had always believed to be a matter more for architects than for engineers.

I’m fascinated by the integrated design of curtain walls, the preliminary studies and technical analysis of the various possible solutions, and evaluating performance in relation to the project’s needs.

My research focuses on carrying out experimental tests on the extruded aluminum profile designed by Renzo Piano and engineered ad hoc by Tecnomont for the Politecnico’s new facades: examined under operating conditions, it is proving to be high-performing and reliable.

Looking ahead, the work carried out foreshadows an innovative method for evaluating the effects of human activity on curtain walls.
It also allows me to join the Tecnomont engineering team.

Now there is a new world ahead of me.
Ten years have passed since that magical evening in London with my father to see Chelsea-Inter in the Champions League.
The values and passion behind this work come to me from him.
As I wrote in the dedication to my thesis, I hope he’s proud of me.