Tecnomont Service operates as a General Contractor for the redevelopment of civil and industrial buildings.

The experience and integration between the technical office, workshop and construction site, make us competitive and reliable for any intervention and service related to the renovation and redevelopment of commercial, residential, industrial, tertiary buildings, tourist and sports facilities, public buildings.

  • We plan, design, manage and control all operational phases.
  • We optimize costs and implementation times.
  • We manage practices, documentation, personnel, materials, means, respecting deadlines.
  • We take care of relationships with suppliers, partners, public and private clients.
General Contractor - Tecnomont Service General Contractor
General Contractor - Tecnomont Service General Contractor


We offer ideas, solutions, projects, ongoing maintenance and emergency services for the best functional and energy performance of buildings, through our facilities active 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

The needs: care, adaptation, maintenance, prevention, implementation, energy efficiency, distribution, renovation, infrastructure, modernization.

The areas of intervention: fixtures, electrical systems, plumbing, walls, plasters, roofs, sanitary ware, coatings, insulation, air conditioners, furnishings.


Our experience, combined with the skills of our technical and operating staff, enabled us to set up a department focusing exclusively on maintenance – ordinary, extraordinary, and emergency – guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction with on-time, reliable and high-quality work.

We offer ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of doors and windows, buildings, and architectural envelopes.

General Contractor - Tecnomont Service General Contractor
General Contractor - Tecnomont Service General Contractor


We carry out complete interventions for the adaptation of buildings to current fire safety standards.

We deal with:

  • building and structural works for the construction of new routes and escape stairs
  • construction of fire protection compartments: fire doors, curtains and closures, fire walls and false ceilings
  • protection of structures, floors, and walls against fire
  • adaptation of plant passages and protection of technological plants
  • construction of fire-fighting systems
  • scheduled fire prevention maintenance