Francesca Teli - Tecnomont Service General Contractor


Like all seemingly extroverted people, I’m actually very shy.

I make a point of keeping all doors closed, with one important exception: the office door, which is always open to respond quickly to anyone on the other side who asks me for a contract number or a construction site code, which I know by heart.

I’ve worked for Tecnomont since 2006. I remember my job interview: the company was based in Carvico then, I couldn’t find the entrance to the offices, I went into the workshop to ask for directions, I start talking to a man leaning on a workbench, standing in front of him, he was the owner.

When it closed in 2009/10, my world collapsed, I stayed home for two months, then one day the phone rings, I recognize the number, it’s Paolo, he gives me an appointment in Milan.

In a technical office on the seventh floor of a building in Corso Venezia, he tells me “if you want, from Monday we’ll start again here,” and I’m in seventh heaven.

There were six of us with three computers and a desk, we did everything: order management, ordering from suppliers, work progress status, compliance declarations, reminders, invoicing. Problems only existed to be solved.

In the new headquarters the company has grown continuously, mutual trust has united us, has given us a sense of belonging, over the years the tasks, responsibilities, and regulations have changed, but not the style, the approach to work, the involvement and passion.

Today I have become thorough, but I’m always in a hurry, I never stop, I have to do everything immediately, I always have in mind the various deadlines. I’m like that, I care a lot about what I do and so I am meticulous and tidy.

And then I get attached to the people I work with.