Erika Pizzuto - Administrative manager - Tecnomont Service General Contractor


I was born and raised in Milan. After graduating in accountancy, I worked in an accounting firm for 8 years before deciding to move to the other side to see what was involved in company administration.

I will always remember my first meeting with Paolo Locatelli. He didn’t interview me for the job, so I met him after I’d been working in the company for a week. He introduced himself by saying that he didn’t know anything about accounting, and asked me to explain the balance sheet to him, item by item.
From that point on, we’ve always understood each other.

I experienced the years of growth and the years of crisis, when banks slammed the door in our faces, and the only sure thing was the loyalty of our customers. Those were difficult times, but key experiences.

After years of consolidation, the company has now entered a phase of significant growth, with a new awareness that comes from a turnover that has tripled, but above all from what it took to get to this point.