Davide Capelli - Tecnomont Service General Contractor


I used to work in a mechanical design office. I did nothing but draw mechanical parts for hoppers, I spent all day in an autocad environment: I was bored.

I wanted to change, do something more dynamic.
My experience at school taught me that change is possible, sometimes necessary. Like every choice, it comes at a price.

I had dropped out of high school (and not in the first year) to enroll in surveying school, where I had to start from scratch, among younger classmates, in a new environment. But I liked technical subjects and by the third year I’d done my first work experience as an intern.

Then came the discovery that a life in autocad was not for me.

One evening my father tells me: I met an entrepreneur by chance, they’re hiring surveyors, I told him about you, he’s expecting you for an interview.

It was early December 2017.
The first impression was hugely discouraging.
Amidst the fog, a row of gray sheds.

As soon as I enter Tecnomont I discover a different world, full of energy, with different people with different skills, but equally capable of working as a team, with team spirit.

Was I looking for change, movement, novelty, variety? Well, starting from my first day of work at Tecnomont, every day has been a different day, a different job.

In a supporting role or as an assistant, I worked for different periods in different departments, responding to different managers and covering different tasks.

From design to budgeting, from the workshop to the construction site, from the purchasing office to the management of orders, from maintenance to redevelopment and compliance statements, without forgetting urgent works, emergencies, night works, or small unexpected things to be done on the fly, perfectly.

In reality, I still haven’t quite understood my role. I remember when Paolo called me “office hybrid,” maybe jokingly, or maybe not: if we played cards, or football, I would probably play the wild card right now.