We lived in Cernusco, my parents worked for Siemens.
When I was four years old they made a life choice, they took over the Acli di Capriate club, with a park, bowls, a small paradise.

I helped out with ice cream. I was a precocious child, and in fact the first car I drove was a Ferrari, because we had also set up the track with coin-operated cars.
When I was 10 I was already driving around the park behind the wheel of my father’s Fiat 127.

He also hung posters for the municipality, and in the evening I accompanied him, my task was to prepare the glue. I have always liked working, but I never got along with books, and after secondary school I tried hotelier school, my mother insisted, but by the end of the year I was on the construction site

Davide Bonsaver - Tecnomont Service General Contractor

The first thing a boy has to learn on a construction site is how to walk: always look where you’re putting your feet, the holes, the sand, the cables, and have eyes everywhere, suspended loads, beams, scaffolding.

Once, a construction company did everything: foundations, carpentry, walls, and you learned to do everything, to work with everyone, with the plumber, the electrician, for some time I assembled the sets and scenes for location filming for RAI (the state broadcaster), then I collaborated with companies specializing in the maintenance of large industrial factories, thermal and chemical plants.

In building maintenance, you need to have skills, eyes, experience, you have to solve and prevent big and small problems of every kind, replace pipes, dig, erect retaining walls.

After my military service in Sicily in the Carabinieri, I decide to run a small bar in Capriate, and every day at the cafe I meet a friend with whom I worked in maintenance, who in the meantime has joined Tecnomont. And every time, before leaving, he tells me: you should come too.

After two years like this, one day I answer: okay, I’m coming. It was 2002, Tecnomont was based in Carvico. Paolo tells me: okay, I’ll take you as a construction worker, but you’ll do other things too. I had two shelves: one for building work, the other for window-maker’s work.

In 2012 I want to change, get involved, have other experiences.
Paolo tells me: come back whenever you want. I go to work abroad, large construction sites, fiber-cement coatings, curtain walls, Paris, New York, Miami.

In 2018 I work with Tecnomont again as a craftsman. One job, then another.
Then we look at each other: of course, okay, let’s get back together.