Chiara Speranza - Tecnomont Service General Contractor


Before graduating, doing an internship in a classic architecture studio I realized that being in the office all day doing drawings sitting at the computer was not my life, I was bored, I wanted to go out, move, do.

Having completed my last exam, I finally graduated, moment of panic:
I didn’t know what I wanted to do, I sent resumés and did interviews for the most disparate roles, until the typical ready-to-go situation presented itself: start tomorrow, technical-commercial role, ventilated facades sector.

After a few months, we start collaborating with Tecnomont, and I start coming here for meetings between suppliers and customer appointments.
We arrive at that dramatic, epic day, when the owner calls us one by one to say: I have to close.

But with great sensitivity he had prepared a plan B for his workers, and my plan B was called Tecnomont. Go, they’re waiting for you, you’ll be fine, he tells me. And so it was.

I didn’t know what I would do, for a period I work in the back office, then the building technical office, I monitor maintenance and begin to understand who does what in the integrated workflow of general contractor services.

The turning point for me was a construction site in Genoa, already underway, with problems to solve, complex certification, tight deadlines.
In the end, taking stock with the foreman, we realized that we had worked well, solved everything, and also made a profit.

Once they trust me, they entrust me with customers, construction sites, responsibilities.
Maintenance and redevelopment works, dealing with the owners, clients, construction management, workers, the purchasing department, suppliers, technicians, regulations, estimates, tenders.

Then I go to the construction site, talk to construction workers, carpenters and electricians, plasterers, window and door fitters, health & safety managers, project managers, surveyors, architects, engineers.

Always on the road, in the car, on site, on the net, samples to collect and documentation to complete, contacts to whom I make requests and others to whom I must give answers.

Now I talk in my sleep, I dream of construction sites, the work I have to do.

My strategy is to wake up very early in the morning and return exhausted very late in the evening to fall asleep instantly.

I have a lot of fun doing all this, and like any good Milanese I can’t wait to escape to my favorite place, in the Apennines, my grandmother’s place, where the doors and windows have a truly priceless characteristic: you open them, and there’s a meadow.