I was 14 years old, I was working 14 hours a day helping 6 jobbers on two 6-storey buildings. I handed concrete and bricks to everyone, I never stopped, always on the go.
From the age of 16 to 18 years, I made industrial windows and doors, traveling up and down Italy. I learned the secrets of metalwork, the soul of aluminum, and also how to organize and manage people and works on a large scale.
I was always on the road, working on large construction sites with new responsibilities: I was the one who drove the van, the first to start and the last to finish.
In those years, I had a mentor and teacher who used to say to me: if you’re tired, hang in there, don’t give up, you can do it.

Then came the frenetic years working in Milan: everything was so fast. We would build new offices and then redo them four months later. We never stopped, working at night so as not to interrupt customers’ work.
I established relationships with building managers who managed the buildings on behalf of large multinationals, banks and insurance companies. I realized that maintenance was the business of the future.

Paolo Locatelli - Founding partner - Tecnomont Service General Contractor
Paolo Locatelli - Founding partner - Tecnomont Service General Contractor

Tecnomont was born in a garage, but my goal was to make and build, not only install. A few years later, I rented a shed and equipped it with the machinery I needed. Then came collaborations with architects, designers and large design firms.

Continuous, exciting growth, increasingly important projects, and then the biggest test of them all. In 2010, we didn’t get paid for a large site, which led to financial collapse. The moment of truth, and time to grit our teeth.

After overcoming the crisis and learning an important lesson, a new life began at Tecnomont: new headquarters, new energy, but above all, new encounters and new opportunities that become synergies, projects, jobs and successes.

The eyes of its workers, the trust of its customers, the desire for a future: these are a company’s real strengths, but you only really come to realize this during the difficult times, when the fight is to the death.