Paolo Besana - Builder, site manager - Tecnomont Service General Contractor


I studied mechanics at Dalmine, but I didn’t finish. I wanted to start working. My father had a small building company and I started going with him to construction sites. I liked it. I learned how to do everything.

Paolo and I have always known each other. My brother was already working in Tecnomont, and he and my father have worked together since they were young. Five years ago, at a time when there wasn’t much work, Paolo called me and said: I need someone who knows how to do everything.

In no time at all, he’d sent me to Milanello to renovate the Milan Lab, and I immediately cut myself with a grinder. Two tendons. They reattached them, but I got a good scare, and told myself: what a great way to introduce myself!

The jobs that I remember? Business trips to Genoa, 6 months + 6 months, renovating two office floors with new glass and aluminum windows, plus all the work to bring the buildings in line with the fire prevention and safety regulations.
There were two teams, one in the day and one at night. Military organization because the offices were open as we were renovating them (but not open air, you couldn’t let the clerks work in the open air, they would get cold).

In Ibizia, we began at 8 in the morning instead of 6 because it was spring and the days were very long, working until sunset. After work we would visit nightclubs to see girls podium dancing, even though we’d already spent the whole day dancing on the scaffolding.

I discovered that there are no limits to “knowing how to do everything”.
I learned new techniques, new processes. I learned how to execute works to upgrade buildings to meet new fire prevention regulations, installing escape routes, protected spaces, subdivisions, REI doors, fireproof cladding, shutters to close air ducts…
I now oversee all problems arising on construction sites. I talk to the experts, the technical office and the fire safety department. Even though I’m now a site manager, I still consider myself a builder first and foremost.
Setting up 5,000 square meters of offices in 5 months means 50 people working together, including electricians, plasterers and installers.
It means walls, movable walls; floors; doors; windows; mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and sanitary systems; data systems; PVC installation; furnishings; upholstery; curtains; paintwork; lights.

The secret is emulation. The boss has something inside him, he takes giant steps to make sure the work is done, and we do our best to keep up with him.