I graduated as a telecommunications technician and was interested in studying management economics, but then I was given the opportunity to work in a German company.
We made protective casings for industrial machines. After a few months we opened a local branch as subcontractors. There were six of us, I was 20 years old and I was in charge of the work.

Five years later, the tranquility was no longer enough for me. I couldn’t see any future prospects. I had an inner desire to change and fulfil my ambitions. I started looking around for something else to do.
In the end, I found myself having to make a choice between two extremes: a large international group where I would be just a number, or Tecnomont, an emerging company where I could put myself on the line, achieve something, and fulfil myself.

I started working in the machine shop, in production, and then moved to managing the warehouse.
I was put in charge of the purchasing department. That was the big turning point. And when I think about it today, it was my Big Bang, a new beginning.

Marco Manini - General manager - Tecnomont Service General Contractor
Marco Manini - General manager - Tecnomont Service General Contractor

I remember a scene, a discussion I had with Paolo while we were driving along the A4 highway. We took the exit for Capriate and he said to me: you probably already know this, but we’re at war, we’re under siege. You can leave now, or stay and fight with me, without certainty or a salary, but also without fear.

I replied, you can count me in. I started from scratch. My office was a shed with a small heater but surrounded by confidence and courage. I had a new, important role talking to suppliers and banks, showing them the conviction and determination that wouldn’t allow us to throw in the towel.

Not even a Master’s course at Harvard can teach you what you learn in the field, and when you go through hell – it seems absurd to say – your values get stronger.
Today, I can say that I made the right choice. It’s given us all great satisfaction and a reason to be proud. The trust you get back makes you want to do better, so I began attending management and control courses at Confindustria. I’ve never stopped going to training, specialist courses and seminars.

Now, what we’ve achieved must be consolidated. Today’s challenge is strengthening our skills for the future. We have to plan and grow in a structured way, in terms of market share and know-how as well as employees.

We have three operating divisions: site management, curtain walls and real estate maintenance, which is in our blood. It’s strategic because it creates loyalty: the goal is to improve our performance, speed, flexibility and efficiency, both internally and toward the market.
Company reputation is key: our history, philosophy and image are based on ongoing transparency and being an open book.
And the most important lesson is: you won’t get anywhere on your own, but together you can overcome any obstacle and achieve anything.

You’ve never arrived, there’s always a new hurdle to overcome, you must always stay hungry. You should always be able to see the road ahead; if there isn’t one, you have to pave your own way.