I graduated in 1969 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.
I did my military service in the Genio Pontieri, and my first job was at Alfa Romeo. I started working in the window and door industry in 1972.

From apprentice to sales manager for leading Italian companies in the sector, overseeing contracts and job sites all over the world from San Marino to Saudi Arabia, door and window accessories and curtain walls have been my world for 50 years.

In the past, façade specialists and window and door makers had two different approaches, two philosophies, two mentalities: one focused on the whole, and the other on the part. Then came the system designers – namely, companies that designed and offered continuous modules that allowed door and window manufacturers to create relatively simple curtain walls.

Tecnomont’s strength lies in its understanding that buildings have a fourth dimension: time. Built spaces need to be maintained over time, they need to be renovated and upgraded to meet regulations.
Offering these services to large real estate management companies requires wide-ranging skills, including technical and bureaucratic expertise, to provide solutions, answers, cost reductions and safety.

We have experience in both commercial and engineering matters. Our work is halfway between designer and customer, and our job is to engineer beautiful, innovative concepts that are sustainable in every sense, and therefore feasible.

Alberto Moia - Sales manager - Tecnomont Service General Contractor